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Loyalty program that brings revenue to your SaaS

Empower your platform with intuitive loyalty systems, driving user engagement and satisfaction.
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Increase in user engagement
Satisfied customers
Of our clients loved the experience
“ HelloCactus has transformed how we engage with our customers. It's a game-changer for SaaS retention.”
Steve Clark
Revenue Operations

Increase your revenue in 4 steps :

Listen feature
With our API and our integrations, we listen to events from your customers.
Trigger feature
We automatically trigger points earning or features for your customers
Retain feature
Your customer is rewarded for their engagement, increasing retention, upsells, and referrals.
Engage feature
Engage your customer through their loyalty page, develop their advocacy, expend your community.
Discover how Adobe, Duolingo, Dropbox and more use incentive program to increse their revenue

Maximize your user engagement to retain them more


Reward your clients with credits, to facilitate upsell and conversion.

More likely to convert to a higher plan.
More satisfied customers after being rewarded.
Exemple of loyalty program strategy
Your clients advocate of your product

Create ambassadors who refer new clients.

Easier to get
Increase in referrals
A cactus ambassador of a product, " The Cactus Juice"Referrals timeline

Motivate your clients to engage more, and convert them easily with our customer loyalty pages.

More engaged customers.
-1,5 hrs
To launch your first loyalty program.
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Engaging self-service customers isn't hard anymore.

Motivate clients using the more your product
With the power of reward, make sure that your customer discover the full potential of your app.
Make your most engaged customer try upsold features to convert them.
Customer always like to be rewarded for their engagement, offer them the possibilities to use more your app with advantages.
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Why choose  HelloCactus?

Use the power of loyalty to engage more and convert better your customers.
Features included :
No/low development needed
Analyze results, adapt your strategies
Chargebee, Stripe integrations
Automatic reward
Upsell and referral acceleration
Intuitive, customizable, quick to launch
In house development
Usually :
+100 hours of development
No visibility on your results, poor data
Need to develop and maintain integrations
Reward manually clients

Integrated with your  favourite apps

See all integrations
Autopilot your retention and upsell strategy
a customer
Customer #256
Has converted after his  2 months for free  of plan Premium Plus
Customer #23
Unlock 50 AI credits for    500 points
#1 Loyalty program for SaaS
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Talk to a real human
Our system is simple to integrate, but we are here to help you integrate and find the best strategies to engage your customers.
What we believe in

Engage your customers, increase their usage, make them ambassadors, boost your revenue.

Makes your customers advocates of your product, increase your retention during the client life cycle.
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